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Dr. George B Kyei

Dr. George B Kyei

Senior Research Fellow 



Senior Research Fellow, Department of Virology
Director of Research, University of Ghana Medical Centre 

Focus of Work

HIV cure
Cell biology of HIV
Clinical trials
Antimicrobial stewardship
COVID-19 therapeutics

Current Projects

Protein interactions controlling HIV in macrophages Funder: NIH/NIAID R01
Control of HIV transcription by SF3B1 Funder: NIH/NIAID R21
Mouthwashes against COVID-19 Funder: NRF, South Africa
CROWN CORONATION clinical trial. Effect of MR vaccine in preventing COVID-19 Funder: Gates Foundation
The HIV Cure Research Infrastructure Study (H-CRIS). Screening epigenetic compounds and African Herbal Extracts for HIV reactivation. Funder– EDCTP
Impact of COVID-19 on HIV care in Ghana.  Funder: McDonnel Academy, Washington University
Opportunities for Infection Control and Antimicrobial Stewardship at the University of Ghana Medical Centre. Funder: McDonnel Academy, Washington University