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Immunological support for on-going clinical trials at NMIMR

Immunological support for on-going clinical trials at NMIMR

Project Lead(s)
Associate Professor
Project Background 

The NMIMR has a Clinical trials unit that is embedded within the Department of Epidemiology. The clinical trials team includes clinicians, epidemiologists, nurses, data managers and other support staff who conduct the clinical and participant engagement components of Clinical trials. Immunological analysis of pre- and post-vaccination blood samples for assessment of vaccine mediated responses is however conducted within the Department of Immunology, NMIMR. In this regard, the department is currently supporting analyses of samples from two clinical trials. 

Objectives/Research Areas 

To perform immunological evaluation of vaccine induced immune responses using standard assays such as ELISA, Luminex, FluoroSpot/Elispot and flow cytometry 

Inovio Pharmaceuticals/CEPI
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, through Washington University in St Louis